Scandal Recap: ‘Even The Devil Deserves A Second Chance’

Wow, getting my review for last week’s Scandal right under the wire here.

This review is going to be more of a rant, I guess. But don’t worry, I’ll throw plenty of positives in here as well.Read More »


Arrow Recap: ‘Haunted’

As someone who didn’t watch Constantine, I honestly didn’t know what to expect going into last week’s episode of Arrow. Luckily, I was right to assume that John visiting Star City didn’t take up the whole episode, and actually benefited the plot in an organic way. Let’s dive in, shall we?Read More »

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Why I’m Sadly Not Sold on ‘Supergirl’

Wow. I feel a bear coming out of hibernation. Or a person coming out of a coma. Whatever, the point is it has been QUITE a while since I posted. Baseball completely consumed my life for the past two months especially, and although it didn’t end the way I wanted, my god was it a ride.

ANYWAY, I’m not ready to rehash my feelings about THAT. My point is, I’m sorry my TV recaps have been MIA!

This post is one I’ve been meaning to write up for the last couple of days. The topic? My gripes on Supergirl, a show that I have been highly anticipating since I heard of its conception.Read More »

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Scandal Recap: ‘Heavy is the Head’

TGIT is back!

I had a lot of questions on what was going to go down as fallout from events in last season’s finale of Scandal (see here for my recap of that episode). The show was seemingly moving into unchartered territory, mostly because it left off on a happy note, which is VERY unlike Shonda. Through four seasons, we’ve watched Fitz and Liv hide their passionate love affair, and the world seemed against them ever getting that house in Vermont. The surrounding cast were all left in scattered messes, however, so let’s see where everyone is now, shall we?Read More »

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‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Recap: The Road So Far (Episodes 1 and 2)

As a big fan of The Walking Dead, I figured it didn’t hurt to check out it’s highly anticipated spinoff, which takes place during the time Rick Grimes was in a coma. Set smack in the middle of Los Angeles, Fear The Walking Dead is a cool concept and a striking difference between the rural settings and situations of its parent show. After a small amount of lagging in the Pilot, the show picks up steam at the end of the first episode and episode 2 was much better, which makes me excited and intrigued for what is to come.Read More »