Arrow Recap: “My Name Is Oliver Queen”

Hell yeah it is!

Welcome to my first TV recap on this blog thingy! Up first, the Season 3 Finale of Arrow, titled “My Name Is Oliver Queen.” (Umm, should be obvious, but SPOILERS AHEAD!!)

So, if anyone reading this read my introductory post, you will remember I said there are certain shows on my long list I get downright obsessed about. Well, it just so happens Arrow is at the tippy-top of that list. So buckle in! Lots of feels and thoughts coming your way. If it’s a little jumpy, I apologize, this is my first time recapping and since I’m not a journalist I might not know the “proper way.”

Previously On:
Ok, so before we deep dive into the finale, here’s my opinions on Arrow thus far. Season 1 was awesome. Season 2 was basically damn near perfection. Best season 2 you can ever ask out of a series. Season 3… Pretty good. Not my absolute fave but I still really really enjoyed it. It was a fun, emotional ride.

I’m just going to state it now even though it will be abundantly clear very soon: I ship Olicity. HARD. These two characters interacting revert me to a squealing teenager. I mean, the chemistry between Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards (from this point forward being SA and EBR, sorry I’m lazy) is just wonderful. And they’re both super good looking and would make adorable fictional babies together. However, I am not one of those crazy shippers who demand my OTP be together, regardless of the rest of the show. I love them because of how much it makes sense, because I love each character and their character development separately, without the romantic aspect even. A slow burn OTP is the best OTP, I always say (I just came up with that).

Anyway, so yeah, I’ve had 2 very minor issues with Season 3 of Arrow. But like I said, I still really enjoyed this season and these “issues” didn’t make me enjoy it any less.

1) Malcolm Merlyn
Listen, we all love some John Barrowman. He was an absolutely fantastic antagonist in Season 1 as the Dark Archer. I’m still bitter about him being the reason Tommy is dead, so that’s probably why my dislike of him has carried. Season 2 with him being behind the scenes for specific reasons was really cool. And of course he saved Thea so ok dude you can stay around for a little I guess. But this season they are trying to redeem him, when he has proved over and over again that it’s not possible. I mean, think about it, this entire league of assassins “problem” for Oliver in the end was because Malcolm wanted Ra’s dead so he can get out of his blood oath and become Ra’s himself. And he was too much of a bitch to do it on his own, so he used Oliver and his weakness with Thea and saving his city. Honestly next season Nyssa could take him out in the very first episode and I’ll be so ok with that. More on Nyssa later, though.

2) Batman similarities
I never have been a comic book person. So I’m not going to talk about the mythology comparison. But just as someone who is super into superhero shows and movies, I can see the resemblance. I will admit I have creeped on Marc Guggenheim’s tumblr page a couple of times (not a lot because wow, people are really mean to that guy, plus he trolls, and even if lightheartedly, my Arrow fangirl heart can’t take the tease). He once answered someone who voiced this same concern, saying Oliver Queen’s story has always very closely resembled Bruce Wayne’s, especially in the comics. Well, I’ll take his word for it, because again, I haven’t ever read comics. But even so, I feel they could have tried a little harder not to make it so alike. All this being said, I loved the Nolan Batman series, and I love Arrow and its characterization of Oliver Queen, so really, this is almost a non issue because I enjoyed the hell out of this season.

This season has had so many ups and downs, culminating in this finale. Here we go.

Come on, bro. His name is Oliver Queen. He endured 5 years in hell. He came back with one goal: to save his city. You’ve heard the spiel. So you think a couple of weeks with him is going to change that? News flash: Oliver Queen is a stubborn, resilient guy. You had to see, in the words of Felicity, this “double double, triple cross, I don’t know I lost track” coming. Doesn’t wisdom come with age? Seems Mr. Al Ghul is a little too trusting in his old age. And you underestimated Oliver Queen’s ability to drive a plane (with his lovely wife Nyssa as his trusty copilot, of course). That final fight scene was bad. Ass. Oliver’s been practicing! It kind of confused me how he caught his sword with his hand, but I won’t question it. For you GOT fans, kind of made me think maybe Oliver had a fake gold hand like Jamie Lannister LOL.

Nyssa and Laurel
I really love Nyssa Al Guhl. She’s such a badass woman, don’t take no crap from men. I was even cheering for her when she attempted to stab Oliver last week at the wedding, which was weird. I especially like her bonding and training with Laurel this season. There are so many Arrow fans out there that hate the character of Laurel Lance. I am not one of those people. I think her character development has jumped so high in this season. Her becoming Black Canary to avenge Sara while still getting her butt kicked and learning from it. Speaking of Sara, they didn’t give us any hints as to how she will be appearing in the spin-off. I’m going to assume because Rip Hunter is going to be a time traveler, he’s gonna go recruit her before she died? Or the Lazarus Pit. We’ll see I guess. Back to Nyssa. One thing I didn’t like about this finale was how she didn’t become the new Ra’s. I feel like that would have been the ultimate FU to Ra’s and plus why the hell would Oliver ever trust Malcolm not to make terrible decisions with this power? Alas, we will have to wait until season 4.

I AM SO EXCITED FOR SPEEDY/RED ARROW. Bring it on, season 4!! Amazing how fast she picked up archery. But really, this season finale just wrapped up a season in which Thea came to the forefront, no longer the damsel baby sister. And I loved it. All good things.

My poor, poor Diggle. Sure Oliver, we get you don’t have a secret identity anymore but why leave the married father with the task of saving the city while you run off with your girlfriend? Don’t you think the man has more pressing matters at hand? Plus, he’s still pissed at you, with good reason, so just dipping out wasn’t really the brotherly thing to do. I have a feeling with HIVE coming onto the scene next season, we’re gonna get lots of John Diggle. Yay!

Captain Lance
Soooo have you made up your mind yet? He has to know that Ra’s was behind all this confusion. He can’t still be mad at Oliver. I mean he could, but he really needs to let it go. Favorite line: “An attack on the city? Must be May!”

I am an Olicity shipper who LOVES Ray Palmer, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Brandon Routh was such a fresh addition this season. Can’t blame him from being a tad creepy in the beginning, he was Smoaked like the rest of them. But he such a deviation from all the depressed characters on this show. It’s like they took a little bit of The Flash and put it in Arrow. Excited to see what he has in store on Legends of Tomorrow.

Ah, the HBIC. EBR handled all the emotional scenes this season so perfectly. The first 2 seasons we were so used to seeing Felicity as this quirky, light character to contrast Oliver’s man brooding. This season she got to show her other side. Starting with telling Oliver off and getting some loving from Ray, because she deserves some too damn it, to finally letting Oliver have his day. And she got to be part of the action during some of the fights this year, not just behind the scenes! (Beware of the bitch with wifi! She will kill you with her tablet! Oh wait. LOL) Her saving Oliver in the finale was another great YOU GO GIRL! moment. I really thought they were going to drop the “Damien Darhk is her father” (theory pending) on her, but they chose to go with a wrapped up ending instead of a cliffhanger. So I guess next season. Also, isn’t she unknowingly the new CEO of Palmer Technologies (in my mind, the future Queen Inc.)? So now that she drove off into the sunset with Oliver…and Ray appears to have been blown up… What happens?

And finally…
Oliver Jonas Queen
You have come a long way, dude. So proud. Although the whole keeping plans a secret thing was not cool, I see why you did it. And look at that, someone hit you on your head enough times to see that the love of your life is begging you to live!!! So maybe don’t go sacrifice yourself on a plane next time. Way to get the girl though 🙂 I’m sure their little vacation will be short-lived, however. Bring on Season 4!

So, this was way longer than I wanted it to be, but it’s the finale. Sorry I’m not sorry. Can’t wait to get some scoop from the CW Upfronts to feed my appetite for some more Arrow until October. Sigh.

I’d love to hear anyone’s opinion on anything! Please! And any suggestion on what I can do to improve this, for all you experienced writers out there. Thanks!


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