So I have a problem.

Ok, well I don’t consider it a problem, but basically any person that has known me for a short/extended amount of time will consider it one. I watch a lot of TV. For most of my friends, that means I binge watch “Orange is the New Black” for 2 weeks straight and consider that a major ordeal. For the record, that is actually the one show I HAVEN’T gotten around to watching yet (don’t worry, I’ll get there). No, by watching “a lot” of TV, I mean so much to the point where my DVR is constantly begging for mercy. I need a TV tracker app on my phone to tell me when everything is new and what episodes of the 27 shows I have in there that I need to catch up on. For the record, I currently I have 8 unwatched episodes and it’s stressing me out.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about my addiction. I’m here to share it with whoever is reading this! And yes, my goal is that someone reads it. Most of the shows I watch, my friends do not. So when I watch the season finale of Supernatural, let’s say, and I want to go screaming and venting, no one will listen. My parents have stressed many times this will be a detriment to meeting a man and providing them with grandchildren, but what do they know. Anyway, back to my goal. If just one or two people read this blog and interact with me through it, I consider it a personal success. Sure, I live tweet almost everything I watch, but I want interaction!

Ok, so since this is an introductory post, I guess I should introduce myself. Even though I have already written two paragraphs. Whatever. I’m Toni-ann. I’m 23, born and raised in Staten Island, NY, fresh out of college with an MBA and enjoying a new career working in the Big Apple.¬†Unfortunately, my career does not have anything to do with TV or pop culture, but I’m hoping that will change in the future.

Here’s the terrifyingly long list of shows I currently watch on a week to week, DVR season pass basis. Obviously when the fall comes, more will be added (after a couple of episodes, of course. It isn’t easy to win a season pass on my poor DVR). I tried to keep it Sunday to Friday but we’ll see. Otherwise, no particular order.

Once Upon A Time
Game of Thrones
The Walking Dead
The Affair
Jane the Virgin
Better Call Saul
The Flash
Dance Moms
New Girl
Chrisley Knows Best
Modern Family
Broad City
Billy on the Street
Vampire Diaries
Grey’s Anatomy
How To Get Away With Murder
Shark Tank
House of Cards
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Again, if anyone is reading this, you will come to know that I am downright obsessed with some, watch others as guilty pleasures, and basically hate watch others because I refuse to give up on shows that are way past their prime.

In addition to my recaps/opinion posts, always feel free to follow my ranting on Twitter, @tonianncanovaaa (my timeline is on the bottom of this blog). I also love to live tweet awards shows, much to my friends’ dismay. And you’ll see lots of tweets about the New York Mets as well. Sorry, but #YaGottaBelieve.

If I don’t get any response to these posts I’ll probably just delete the whole thing and pretend it didn’t happen, but we’ll see. Welcome and chat soon!!


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