Scandal Recap: “You Can’t Take Command”

Ok, season 4 finale of Scandal. My fast take: not the greatest finale. Maybe it’s because I expect evil, mastermind, mind blowing finales by Shonda Rhimes that I’m starting to overestimate her. But I was very underwhelmed!

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a complete hate post. I still enjoyed the episode. But the cast went extremely overboard in teasing the craziest, most “explosive” finale Scandal has ever had. And I can think of plenty of episodes that weren’t finales that topped this one. I mean, if you don’t count the 16 faceless (no pun intended) grand jurors that met their demise, there was no crazy deaths! Wtf? And a happy ending? HUHH???! Shonda has gone soft on us.

About 3 episodes into this season, I finally convinced my cousin to give Scandal a try. She doesn’t obsess over TV shows like I do (I mean, most people don’t), but a couple of episodes into season 1 she was HOOKED. And, 92% of the reason for her obsession is Olitz. So I understand why after I Facetimed her immediately after the finale, she was grinning ear to ear and had completely different feelings about the episode. And that’s just another example of why I need this blog. Because I need people to intelligently analyze an episode of television with me, OTPs aside! (Sorry, cuz.)

I still haven’t picked a ship on Scandal, and we just finished season 4. In the beginning I kind of found Fitz to be a complete jackass (which he kind of still is). Except now I see it as endearing, for some reason? And there’s no denying, POTUS IS FINE. But I also really love Jake. That’s mostly physical attraction though. And the fact that he can without a doubt murder anyone threatening to the love of his life. That’s hot. But now Jake’s gone! Which I’m sad about but I also understand. It’s refreshing to watch a show that has a love triangle, except it isn’t even a love triangle because Jake always knew he had no shot. He just enjoyed Olivia’s confusion while he could, and when he realized her reasons for him still being in her life were gone, so was he. I respect Jake for that.

Now. Onto Papa Pope. I’m really pissed they didn’t kill him. Joe Morton has played an amazing character for 2 seasons now. But 2 seasons is more than enough. The show needs to move on. And Papa Pope has been on OVERKILL this season, especially with his long ass, pompous monologues. I mean, even when the guy asks for a glass of wine at a restaurant, he puts the waiter through a 10 minute, forceful monologue of why he will give him that glass of wine! (I’m assuming.) I just can’t settle with him only being in jail. There’s no way he can’t get out, and when he does, the show goes back to square one, and goodbye Olitz happiness, hello old friend, Papa Pope drama.

I’m actually thinking that they’re going to keep him in jail though. Or I should say I’m hoping Shonda is smart enough to know enough is enough and to move on. I have a feeling MAMA Pope is going to be the big bad next season. Which I’m cool with, because every (short) scene she’s been in, she’s snarky and terrifying. A nice refreshing change from Papa Monologue. Favorite line: “Oh boo, the world doesn’t revolve around you. What’s the matter, your father and I never told you enough growing up that you were special?” Liv really has the WORST parents.

Speaking of parents, I need to make a side note here. Where is baby Teddy??? And Cyrus’ daughter??? We haven’t seen them all season and I’m concerned.

Let’s move onto Cyrus, shall we? I can’t believe how intolerable he has become. I mean he was always a little weasel, but his actions this season and especially in the finale take the cake. Working with Command? Really? And how can he think he was going to do that recant bullshit with Liv and Jake and not expect Olivia Pope to come after him? She’s going to have WORDS with him next season. If he’s around. Now that he’s fired (go Fitz!), I can see him retreating to the bottom of a bottle and hitting rock bottom pretty quickly. Very similar to Doug Stamper on House of Cards, another Chief of Staff weasel.

Now let’s talk Huckleberry Quinn. Those two are psychotic. No wonder why they’re rarely in scenes with anyone else lately, no one wants to be around them. I still think Quinn is awesome though. Huck has terrified me since Day 1, and that’s not going to change. And the two of them together? Ew. Don’t even get me started on the licking thing. Ugh. So props to Quinn for finally putting her foot down this episode. How long can Huck go around creeping everyone out and Olivia pulling on his leash, going “Huck, enough!” and then everyone is ok? Someone give the guy sedatives. And some anti-psychotics. And a padded room. Please. My finale speculations actually had Huck dying in this episode. Really, my entire theory was Huck and Jake sacrificing themselves and dying by blowing up a room with Papa Pope. Sometimes my speculations run amok, what can I say, but it sounds more realistic in my head. So when Quinn pulled the gun on him, I was like, WAIT. And then I was like, oh shit, maybe I’m wrong, what if Huck snatches the gun out of Quinn’s hand right now and kills Quinn! And so that whole scene I was holding my breath, only for it to cut away and never go back to it to give us an answer. Damn you, Shonda.

My biggest issue with this finale: What the hell is up with Fitz? Why did he get so mad at Mellie that he kicked her out? She really was trying to protect the both of them. And HELLO? Excuse me Fitzgerald, you shot down a plane, killing 300 people! One of them you believed to be your love’s mother! Those jurors were dead whether Mellie gave him those names or not. As a matter of fact, Papa Pope didn’t even need those names. He could have easily found out where that bus was on his own, in fact he probably already did. He only did that so Mellie felt responsible, which in the end she really wasn’t. And I know he can’t be mad at her for sleeping with the VP, because he already knew, and pot? Meet kettle. So he wayyyy overreacted. Poor Mellie. She won her campaign and she couldn’t even break out Drunk Mellie and celebrate. I really hope there isn’t a return of Smelly Mellie next season. I don’t think so though. She’s a senator now, damn it! #MellieForPrezzie2016

I am still in shock this episode ended on a happy note. Until the show actually ended I was holding my breath thinking there’s no way it could end like this. Someone is sniping them off of this balcony. And it never happened! Wow.

Well, we all know Shonda. So enjoy your romance/happiness while you can, Olitz, because you know when Season 5 returns, shit’s going down.


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