Supernatural Recap: “The Prisoner”

Ah, another show that I think way too much about. These boys have been hitting me right in the feels for the past 10 years now. 10 YEARS! I was 14 when I started watching this show. A freshman in high school. Dear lord. And although the it definitely isn’t the Supernatural of the early days, it’s still one of the most underrated shows on television. I mean how many other shows can say that have absolutely rabid, devoted, awesome fans 10 years strong, and thanks to Netflix the SPNFamily grows and grows each day.

So Season 10 has 1 episode left after this. Here we go.

Previously on:

I loved this season because for once, big bro Dean needs the saving. That hasn’t been the case since season 3, and we know poor Sammy hates how that one ended (don’t we all). Also, Cas is finally back in Team Free Will, not going off doing his own annoying things. Except for chilling with Claire, which I really didn’t mind. I like that kid. Mini hunter in training! Finally, a bad ass, hot and sexy Dean. (I’m a Dean girl, if you couldn’t tell). First Demon Dean, with that sinful haircut, and now off the hinges Dean. I mean, of course I miss the classic Dean Winchester charm and humor, but seasons that once again make me sad that Jensen Ackles will never get nominated for an Emmy for his work, when it is very deserved, are the best seasons. This season is no exception to that.

Now. To the episode.

RIP Charlie Bradbury. I really loved her. Listen, I’m a SPN vet. I knew she was dying at any moment. It still sucks and I’m still allowed to mourn this fictional character, ok? She really was the little sister they didn’t ask for. And the poor boys just keep losing everyone. The Winchester curse continues. It was very harsh of Dean to say that it should have been Sam that died. That’s how you know he’s not himself. That’s his baby bro! Who is giving the classic Sam Winchester puppy dog eyes! Come on, Dean.

The Steins
Ew. That’s all I have to say about them. They deserved everything Dean did. Except the little guy. That was his perfect opportunity to get away from his cray cray family and he died. 😦

Ok, I really couldn’t stand her at the beginning of this season. When there was so much going on with Dean, the mark, and with the angels and Metatron, I really didn’t have the patience for her storyline interrupting it all. Maybe Dean’s hatred of witches rubbed off on me, heh. But now I like her! Gotta be the accent. And she provides the comic relief banter that Crowley has long exhausted.

Speaking of Crowley. He has gone way too soft for my liking. That’s why I am so pumped he’s back to being a thorn in the boys’ side at the end of the episode. Look, of course I enjoyed Crowley and Dean’s bromantic adventures. The cowboy hat picture? And drinking girly drinks out of umbrella straws? Classic. My problem with Crowley going soft isn’t Crowley. It’s that the boys didn’t see him as an enemy anymore, which I think really goes against their beliefs and stance on the monster/evil matter. So good, I can’t wait to see if both Rowena and Crowley meet their demise next week. Sorry Crowley. #UnpopularOpinionAlert.

Like I said, I really missed Cas interacting with the boys the last couple of seasons. And him coming back into the scene when his best friend needs him most is so good. And I love that even though he’s been on earth for a long time now he still has that oddness about him we all fell in love with. His banter with Rowena in this episode was a good example of that (“I have no issue killing her. She just called me a fish”). Hah! That scene at the end of the episode of Dean beating the holy crap out of him (no pun intended) was heartbreaking. Reminded me of when Cas beat the crap out of Dean all the way back in season 5 in Point of No Return, kind of a reversal of sorts. I’m very interested to say what part he will play in the last ditch effort to save Dean.

Oh Sammy boy. I have loved you this season. You took those already questionable morals and shot them about 20 times in the face just to prove a point. That point being you don’t. Mess. With. The Winchesters. Like I said before, this Sam was very season 3-esque, except a lot darker. I approve. And it’s about time he kept some secrets from Dean. Ok yes he’s kept secrets in the past (I’m looking at you, Ruby and demon blood), but I mean keeping secrets because he knows Dean wouldn’t allow him to save him. Not because he feels guilty about it. Of course now he’s going to regret it because Charlie is dead, and nothing like Winchester guilt to bring Sam Winchester down. Still, you keep doing you, Moose.

Finally. Dean Dean Dean. You have really spiraled (shh, it’s ok). What will happen in the season finale? Will he become a demon again? For more than 2 episodes? Possibly? Or will he stay a psycho human and fulfill Cain’s prophecy of having to kill Sam? I mean, destiny already screwed the pooch on that one once, so it’s unlikely it would happen this time. Or will they cure him? I’m betting on the cure, although of course I’m expecting some Supernatural-sized consequences. What will those be is the question. Will Cas bite the dust (for real)? Will Rowena and Crowley team back up and do something annoying?

We’ll have to wait and see! And then bring on season 11! My god, I am so damn old…


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