The Flash Recap: “Fast Enough”

Thank god I can still type. Because my jaw is still on the floor so I cannot speak.

Holy crap what a damn near perfect first season for The Flash. Ok. I’m going to try to put this finale into words. It’s going to be hard to nitpick anything because I don’t “hate” anything about this show so far.

Let’s get the easiest stuff out of the way first. Ronnie and Caitlin. So damn cute. I would love if Robbie Amell was a series regular next season. We know Victor Garber is going to be on Legends of Tomorrow so maybe not that much actual Firestorm, but more Ronnie Raymond? Yes please!

Next, Cisco Ramon – meta human? After scrolling through Twitter during the finale, everyone was like “oh yeah Vibe it’s going to happen!” And as I’ve said in my Arrow review, I don’t read comics, so this came as a total surprise to me. Which I love. I feel like comic book readers that watch these shows are always disappointed by something not happening as it did in the comics, or they don’t enjoy the big twists because they already know about it. Of course, this is my opinion, so I could be completely wrong. I digress. So back to the point, I loved that twist. And is Cisco going to share this with the team? I’m not even sure how feeling the vibrations of the earth or space-time continuums can help save people, but I guess we’ll find out.

Speaking of space-time continuums. I know this is all fake science and not real science, but listening to the characters explain and debate time travel literally makes my head hurt. Science was always my worst subject in school. I still find myself geeking out about it, but just thinking about time travel makes me anxious. There are way too many variables to think of, like some of the ones they mentioned in the episode. If you changed the past, would you be the same person? Would you ever meet the people you know? Would something weird like who the president of the United States is change because you changed one little thing in your life? No way, no thank you, l’ll pass.

And the dads went double duty on the feels tonight. Joe West, my big teddy bear, I can’t believe how selfless he was. Telling Barry he should go save his mom, even when he knew he would be losing his son. And Henry Allen! His fear wasn’t losing someone in his life. It was changing the amazing person Barry is. Excuse me while I go cry ugly tears.

Oh, Eddie Thawne. WHY DID YOU DO THAT??!! I mean obviously I know WHY you did it, but nooooooo. In the middle of the episode when he told Iris he didn’t care, he wanted to be with her, I felt so torn. Because here’s the thing. I ship WestAllen. So why did they have to make Eddie so damn likable! He’s so sweet and a good man, so I don’t want the love of his life to dump him and make him feel like a loser. And then he goes and sacrifices himself! Of course that solves my ship issues, but AT WHAT COST? And then his body gets sucked into a space-time wormhole thingy so he won’t even get a proper burial or whatever! Ugh!

Finally, we settle on Barry Allen. Grant Gustin’s performance this entire season has just blown me away. He can be adorkable one minute, and then breaking my heart the next. This finale featured the latter, obviously.  Between his talks with his fathers, and making the decision to change the past only by being with his mother in her finale moments, instead of saving her. Ugh. And those special effects of him going to stop that big disaster thing (clearly still confused at that)? Epic.

So one thing really confused me. Eddie killed himself. Meaning Eobard Thawne never existed. Which means he never killed Nora Allen. So doesn’t that mean a new parallel universe should have been created, similar to whatever one would have happened if Barry actually saved his mom when he went back? This is where the show loses me and this whole time travel thing totally just takes a turn off a cliff. I need Advil…

How am I expected to wait until October for this??!!!!


2 thoughts on “The Flash Recap: “Fast Enough”

  1. I love that ‘the dads went double duty on the feels tonight’ I laughed out loud. I really enjoyed your review of the season finale. I’m totally with you on the advil. I think I might lie down in a dark room for a little while! I’m glad I found your blog, so thanks for stopping by over at Comparative Geeks 😀

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