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‘Jurassic World’ Review = AWESOMEEEEE

WARNING: I’m going to be using the word “awesome” A LOT in this review.

From the moment my father saw a commercial for Jurassic World I don’t even know how long ago, he wouldn’t shut up about it. You would think he was a little kid. And you know what, I was right there with him. Even though I was only 1 year old when the original came out in 1993, my family and I exhausted the hell out of our Jurassic Park VHS as I grew up. So of course, when the movie came out this weekend, I had to take my dad to see it. And because it’s Jurassic World, we saw it in the RPX theater, because nothing sounds more awesome than a T-Rex (and in this case, an Indominus Rex) with surround sound subwoofers.

Growing up with an older brother, I was always more into Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dragonball Z, Pokemon, etc. than I was into Barbies. Don’t get me wrong, one of my favorite toys was my Barbie Bubble Gum Machine, but I was also a bit of a tomboy. But I was also kind of a little baby. So although I thought the whole concept of dinosaurs was super cool, I was also terrified of running into a T-Rex in the middle of the woods for quite some time. There’s just something about big ass prehistoric creatures that you can’t control that is just the literal definition of awesome. And even though I am now 23 years old, I had the same feeling of awe seeing Jurassic World this weekend.

Since it’s 2015, I expected the dinosaurs to look a lot more CGI-ish. But the visuals in this movie were great. The dinosaurs looked awesome. Isla Nublar was just as beautiful and scenic as you would expect a Costa Rican island housing dinosaurs to be. And then the park itself was a great representation of Hammond’s vision combined with modern day amusement parks, ala Disney World. They had a resort, a monorail and everything!

The main message for all of the Jurassic movies is clear = you can have the most advanced science technology in the world, but humans never learn from the past’s mistakes. Animals are still animals, and yes, you can train them all you want, but they will always revert back to their instincts at one point or another. That applies to people that think it’s possible to raise lions and tigers as pets and then are surprised when they turn on them, or people trying to make dinosaurs side show attractions. They’re at the top of the food chain for a reason, people. Biggest thing humans can’t get? If for over 25 years, every time someone tried to open up Jurassic Park, it failed miserably, so why on EARTH would you visit that place???!! I don’t care what attractions they have, it’s still an island. With dinosaurs. And you have them in petting zoos. How can that end well?!

That is why I found myself merrily laughing at moments like when pterodactyls were picking tourists off of Main St. Because yes, I understand this is a fictional movie, but it has a very real message. HUMANS ARE STUPID, AND THEY NEVER LEARN.

Fortunately, Chris Pratt, or rather his character Owen Grady, got the message. And my god Chris Pratt, YOU KEEP DOING YOU. I’m sorry, but my god did he look fantastic in this movie. Him running around running shit all movie, looking like he does… just wow. Ok sorry I’m done with that. Anyway, he played such a great character. The only guy with a good head on his shoulders, which explained why he was one of the only ones who didn’t get said head ripped off.

Source: Universal Pictures

I liked how Bryce Dallas Howard’s character got progressively more badass as the movie progressed. And she never played the damsel in distress role, thank god. Honestly, this movie could have done without the two romantic scenes (the one above and them walking out into the sunset together in the end), but at least it wasn’t obnoxious throughout the whole movie. Alright, wait, three romantic scenes, kissing in the middle of a pterodactyl attack was a little ridiculous, but I let it slide, because Chris Pratt.

The kids actually weren’t annoying! Sure, little Gray ran around WAY too much, he was just asking to get lost in the middle of a dinosaur attack, but he was cute and totally into dinosaurs, which made him cool in my book. And the typical apathetic teenager shtick of the older brother faded fast, luckily, making a lot of really cute and emotional brotherly moments.

I knew they were going to throw in plenty of material from the first Jurassic World. No reference to Dr. Ian Malcolm or Dr. Alan Grant, but plenty of Hammond dedications, Jake Johnson’s t-shirt, even if in poor taste (his comedic relief in this movie was great, by the way), and the brothers discovering the old Jurassic Park atrium with the 1992 Jeeps. So cool.

My favorite part of this movie by far was the epic final battle between the Indominus Rex and the T-Rex. And a little help from Blue the velociraptor, of course. It was such an awesome scene! (There’s that word again.) I felt my face lighting up into a huge grin while watching it. And then the big ass aquatic dinosaur coming in at the end?! EPIC.

Panning out with the classic Jurassic Park music and the T-Rex looking out over the island that he rules once again was a perfect way to end the movie.

This movie exploded several box office records in its opening weekend, guaranteeing they’ll be at least one more coming after this. AND I CAN’T WAIT. Chris Pratt is on board, I’m on board. And as long as it remains a movie about awesome looking dinosaurs, I’m pretty sure the world will be on board.

10 out of 10. FOR SURE. I’ll most likely go to see this again very soon.


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