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True Detective Recap: ‘The Western Book of the Dead’

So to preface this, I did not watch the critically acclaimed, award-winning first season of True Detective. It looked like one of those very slow burning HBO shows that I really need to dedicate my attention span to. Also, I’m not a huge fan of Woody Harrelson, even when he’s Haymitch Abernathy. But when I heard some of my faves, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams, and especially Taylor Kitsch were in Season 2, and that watching it didn’t require any knowledge of Season 1, I was willing to give it a try. So here’s my quick thoughts on Season 2, Episode 1 of True Detective.

  • Colin Farrell – Sorry dude, did not entertain me. As a matter of fact, it’s quite problematic that he is the main character, because I’m already annoyed by him. How many shows can have drinking, violent anti-hero protagonists? I need more than a violent dad who beats the crap out of anyone who annoys his wuss of a literal redheaded stepchild.
  • Vince Vaughn – Ok, I’m here for this part of the show. It’s super cool to see him play a serious role, and do a good job. His story line in this show seems to have the most meat to it thus far.
  • Rachel McAdams – Her character seems very similar’s to Colin Farrell’s. She’s also a cop with loads of issues and a drinking problem, as well as attachment issues. Why? Because her dad’s a weird religious dude and her sister is either on drugs or a webcam porn star. Oh, ok.
  • Taylor Kitsch –  Can I just say THANK YOU to HBO for treating us to a gratuitous naked Taylor Kitsch this episode. You may have single-handedly gotten me to tune in again next week just because of that. Besides that though, he’s another super messed up character, but we didn’t get any back story into what made him that way, unlike the other characters. So I’m intrigued.
  • Other thoughts:
    • What the hell was with that raven’s head?
    • What time period is this supposed to be? It’s California noir, and old fashioned TVs and cars, and it’s gritty camera work, so I thought it was based in the 70s. But then the webcam stuff came up. So what, 90s? But then he mentioned Lebron James. Idk, man.
    • How on earth is Colin Farrell’s character going to get away with beating the crap out of a guy with brass knuckles in front of the man’s own home?
    • Will the redheaded stepchild ever get his sneakers back? Will he grow some balls? He’s the Tommen of True Detective right now.

I’m intrigued enough to give it more episodes, and giving this award-winning show the benefit of the doubt that it will pick up in quality soon.


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