Moment of Silence for the glory that is Jensen Ackles’ “Hiatus Beard”

I mean… this thing is just a fantastic gift he was generous enough to give us.



While we are all suffering from #Hellatus, J2 seemed to have a wonderful and well-deserved Hiatus. And I really do mean well-deserved. These boys work so hard to give us a great season year after year (for 10 years now!), so they can have all the time off they want.

The best thing about #Hellatus is seeing these men enjoy time with their family… and of course the GLORIOUS facial hair that comes with the break.

When I saw this Father’s Day post I almost exploded from “squee.” Yes, I’m a 23 year old woman. Don’t judge. HOW CUTE IS THIS?

Jared had a little bit of a sad time the beginning of this hiatus, but it seems that he spent a lot of well-needed time with his family this summer, thank God. The man works so hard and was probably just burnt out and homesick. It can’t be easy.

I love how after 11 years, J2 feels so close to their fans and SPN Family that they share quiet family moments like this with us.

And, you think they would not want to see all their co-workers during their time off, since they spend so much time with them. Nope.

Between cons and random get-togethers like this, they never seem to get enough of each other, so cute.

So cheers to another adorable, fantastic Hellatus (or just Hiatus, if you’re J2). October will be here before we know it, and I think I speak for all SPN fans when I say the facial hair will be missed, but I think we miss our Winchester boys just a little more.


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