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Cutting the Cord: A Hard Choice All TV Addicts Must Make

(I know I used Charlie as my featured image but I would NEVER cut the cord on Supernatural. So sorry if that’s misleading.)

My personality rarely allows me to quit anything once I start it. For the love of God, I’m STILL playing Candy Crush Saga. Sad to say I’m on Level 925 and I don’t plan on stopping until I finally reach the point I don’t have any levels left. I don’t consider that an addiction, because it’s a mindless game that I only play when I have free time, and if I’m stuck on a level for a month, I really could care less. But that’s the kind of non-quitter I am.

I’m even MORE stubborn when it comes to TV shows. And that’s because unlike mobile games, I do have somewhat of an addiction to television. Remember, the first step is admittance.

I can count the number of shows I have given up on one hand in my life.  The first was Two and a Half Men. The first couple of seasons were great, but even before Charlie Sheen left the building, I just didn’t think it was funny anymore, so I stopped.

I cut ties with Glee right after they won Nationals in Season 2. Season 1 of Glee was such a unique, amazing, fresh piece of television. It always had its cheese, but as it went on, the cheese became WAY too much. And even though it was definitely revolutionary and commendable how many boundaries and statements the show made in terms of being different and breaking borders, the whole show seemed to become a social movements agenda instead of what it was supposed to be. A television show.And most of all, I DESPISED WILL SCHUESTER. YOU’RE THE ADULT IN THE SHOW, WHY DO YOU THINK YOU SHOULD GET ALL THE ATTENTION.


I have to be honest and say that I did tune in for the episode dedicated to Cory Monteith’s death and the series finale. But it was really just because I absolutely loved him and wanted to see them honor him. Cried like a baby, but still didn’t feel attached to the show anymore.

One show I am SO happy I quit is Pretty Little Liars.

These bitches are dumb.

I actually didn’t watch it from the beginning, I was turned onto it by my friends around the middle of Season 2. Everyone was talking about it, so I wanted to get in on it and have some merit for speculation during these conversations. But at the same time, I wanted to slam my head against the wall. It’s honestly the most frustrating show I’ve ever watched. They pose eight thousand questions and mysteries throughout the seasons, and absolutely ZERO get answered. Even if you THINK they answered it, nope, they were just throwing you for a loop again, that’s not actually the reveal. I physically felt my brain cells screaming and dying every time I turned it on. So I had to stop. And I don’t seem to be missing anything. Conversations about it have died down, because I have a feeling everyone else gave up on it too. And I guarantee if I tuned into the next episode, they STILL didn’t reveal the mysteries from back when I was watching it, except there’s a hundred more mysterious characters with their own dark pasts to add onto the mystery. Please.

I always give new shows at least 4 or 5 episodes before I say it’s not for me. So I don’t consider that “quitting.” It’s more of a trial session. I did that with Gotham. I was OBSESSED with The OC, and especially Ben McKenzie, so when I heard he was playing Detective Gordon I got SO excited. And I’m into all the superhero stuff, so the show really looked promising for me. But even my love for Ben couldn’t get me to stick with it. It was just too weird. Kind of felt like a parody? I’m very surprised it’s still on, because I heard a lot of people shared my sentiment. I give a lot of new half hour comedies these trial runs as well, but I usually know how bad those are after one episode, and I’m always right, because they get cancelled soon after.

This week is the first time I’ve ever quit something after one episode. I guess it could be considered a trial run as well. The first episode of True Detective Season 2 was underwhelming, but I gave it a shot because of the leading stars (see my review of the premiere in my post from last week). But the fact that I have this weird sense of dread towards sitting through a whole hour of last night’s episode on my DVR is something I haven’t ever felt before so soon. So I’m cutting the cord now, before I waste another hour of my life. I could be watching two delightful episodes of Parks and Recreation on Netflix during that time instead.

One more show that I fear will join the “Dead to Me” list soon is Once Upon a Time. In my honest opinion, last season was not great. It kept getting worse every episode, that once I fell a week behind towards the end of the season I just didn’t catch up. There’s four unwatched episodes of OUAT on my DVR. I am eventually going to get to those episodes, but I have that crappy, previously mentioned feeling of dread about getting to them. Hopefully the last four episodes of the season are exciting enough to capture me again, but I’m weary. If they can’t, see ya, Storybrook.

So those are some of the harder choices I’ve had to make in my TV addict career.

What shows were you completely done with that you had to cut the cord? I’d love to hear (so I don’t accidentally binge watch them in the future). Also, because chances are I’m probably still hate watching it week in and week out.

Let’s chat about them in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Cutting the Cord: A Hard Choice All TV Addicts Must Make

  1. Love it! I quit Glee, Two and a Half Men, and 2 Broke Girls for a few. I also let them pile up in the DVR until I just know I can’t do it! Sometimes I just force myself because I’ve invested this far. Did that for Nurse Jackie because I knew it was ending The Originals is one that I set free last year. Just so much vampire angst!! I also agree about True Detective Ep 1. I hung in through Ep 2 and it got better. Ep. 3 is waiting… I’ve hung in with PLL but again because I know the end is nigh.


    • Glad you agree! And yeah, I never watched Nurse Jackie but I get the forced finishes… I’m doing that with Grey’s Anatomy and Vampire Diaries right now. And although I wanted to do that with PLL, I just really couldn’t. Just too much dumb haha! Thanks for stopping by!

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