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My Favorite Kind of Binge-Watch

There’s nothing like speeding through a new show you are obsessed with. It doesn’t have to be “new,” per se, but new to you. You know what I mean. I’m currently doing that with Parks and Recreation, and it will be so bittersweet when I finally finish it in about a week (with work and the lack of sleep, I haven’t been at my top binge-watching speed rate).

But my favorite kind of binge-watch is watching almost the entire favorite seasons of my favorite shows. This is one of the reasons Netflix is so fantastic. Sure, there are plenty of shows new to me that I could start in the time I have to watch, but there’s something about reliving the season that truly solidified your obsession or love for a show.

These binge-watches come on like a food craving. For example, I was sitting on the train on my morning commute yesterday, and had the sudden desire to watch Season 2 of Arrow in its entirety. Do I have time for that? Probably not. But I absolutely will make time for that, because I believe S2 to be one of the finest 23 hours I’ve ever seen on television. Ok, so I say that about all my favorite seasons of all my favorite shows, so that statement doesn’t mean much, but it was absolutely fantastic. Season 2 saw the “Arrow Cave” come together as a well-oiled team, Slade Wilson was an awesome “Big Bad,” and Olicity was in a deep slow burn. I was shipping Olicity all throughout Season 2 before I even realized that a lot of other people were too. Little subtle and not-so-subtle hints that they were slowly caring more and more about each other without making the show focus on it, like the angst-filled Season 3 (which I thought was great as well, but S3 can’t hold a candle to S2, storyline-wise).

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The reason Slade Wilson was a fantastic antagonist:  His vengeance was so intricately tied to Oliver’s complicated history.

For Supernatural, I break out my DVD Box sets and power through Season 5 all the time. That season was pretty close to perfection. The other day, I already had Netflix up, and randomly decided to watch “Changing Channels” and “The Real Ghostbusters.” Great decision, both are fantastic episodes that really showcase the comedic side of the show. And in general, Season 5 is just amazeballs. The whole mythology of the first five seasons come together, culminating in the masterpiece that is “Swan Song.”

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I’m not crying, you’re crying.

One more example of a show I can always re-binge is The OC. It was my tween obsession. Looking back on it, it was a fabulous depiction of the early 2000s, and paved the way for Gossip Girl, the 90210 reboot, and the likes. Season 1 will always be a goody for me. The fantastic four, composed of two adorable couples, and the drama is just classic.

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My 2003 self is internally screaming. Oh hell, my 2015 self is internally screaming. LOOK AT THESE TWO.

So that’s a snippet of my re-binge list. What are some of the seasons/series that you can watch over and over again?


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Kind of Binge-Watch

  1. The O.C. is easily one of my most rewatched shows as well. I love revisiting that one, especially Season 1. Not only is the drama great, but it has a really good sense of humor that I feel elevates it above a lot of similar teen dramas.

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    • Absolutely! Even though they were super rich and overly dramatic things happened to them, I identified with the Cohen family on a ridiculous level in terms of snark and sense of humor. And you’re right, you don’t see that on a lot of similar shows. Well said?


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