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‘Minions’ Review: Just as silly (yet cute) as you thought it would be

My title for this review basically says it all. Don’t go into this movie expecting anything except plain silliness. And hey, that is in no way a negative. Everyone needs some silliness in their lives.

Minions was a long time coming. When Despicable Me was released in 2010, it was an instant hit. Parents and adults loved the warmth and cuteness of the movie and its characters, and kids went bonkers over the silliness, and most of all, the minions. And they should have. The minions are flat-out hilarious. They speak in a non-existent language, yet you somehow understand whatever they are saying and doing. The banana fixation never fails to bring laughter, either. Did they ever explain why they love bananas so much? Is it because they look like them? Does that make them kind of cannibals? I don’t know, but seeing a horde of minions fight over bananas is priceless. And when they do silly things like the classic “use a copier to print copies of your butt,” it’s a hoot. Things that if a human character did, it would be too stupid, but weird little yellow guys? Adorable.

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So the people behind the movie got smart. The audience wanted more minions? They got more minions. Despicable Me 2 was much more minion-centric, with the villain including them as part of his evil plan (Evil Minions!). And they were a hit again! Again, the audience screamed “more minions!” So finally, they got their own movie! This is probably the only sequel that was made for the sole purpose of making more money (you know what I’m talking about), however everyone welcomed it instead of rolling their eyes.

So now here we are, at Minions. It was very cute to see their “backstory,” and how they came to meet and team up with Gru. It focused on three minions, Kevin, Stuart and Bob. Bob is my absolute favorite, just because he’s so darn cute.

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Such a cutie-patootie.

It was Kevin’s idea to leave the “tribe” behind in pursuit of a new evil mastermind to serve. This is where I think the movie fell a bit short. As much as I love Sandra Bullock, her character, Scarlet Overkill, was, well, a bit overkill. She was always yelling, and I found myself getting annoyed that she kept interrupting the story. Jon Hamm’s character, her husband, however, was great. He had a lot of great lines and he was so Jon Hamm-esque that I really enjoyed his scenes (which weren’t overkill). But hey, this review makes it obvious that these are all just my opinions.

I also love all the subtle nods of history that this movie had. It took place in both New York and London during the 60s. The Peace Movement was in full effect in NY, and you got to see the style that kids today wouldn’t be familiar with, which was a nice nod to explain how the minions came to wear their famous overalls get-up. Another great moment was when the minions popped out of the sewer and they were stepped on by the Beatles walking across the Abbey Road crosswalk. That’s one of the things that would give the parents in the audience a chuckle.

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Beatles Minions!

So my overall opinion: hell yes, the minions are adorable and silly, and I thoroughly enjoyed a mindless film with them that wasn’t too long. However, my favorite part was at the end when the minions met up with Gru (I won’t go into details for spoiler reasons). That proved to me that as much as I love the minions, the human characters are still what have me loving these Despicable movies. And I REALLY missed Agnes, especially.

So the Minions get a 7 out of 10 for me. Doesn’t hurt to see it at least once.

Some questions I had that this movie STILL hasn’t answered…Source: Universal Pictures

  • What is with the banana obsession??
  • Why are minions only of the male variety?? (Note: I saw the guy’s reasoning about why they decided not to have female minions, something about no females being as dumb as them. But biologically speaking, it still baffles me.)
  • Human characters can understand them? I mean I know we can by watching the movie but they seem to have actual conversations during the movie.
  • Are they immortal? I mean, they explicitly state in the movie they’ve been around since the dinosaurs. So….
  • Do they procreate? They probably don’t need to if they’re immortal. And so like do they have male parts? Are they asexual?
  • ??????

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