I Need David Wright Back in My Life

So in this (so far) successful season for the New York Mets, their star captain David Wright has only played in eight games. He was diagnosed with spinal stenosis back in May, and since then has been shut down and slowly rehabbing to make it back on the field.

Naturally, when he was first put on the disabled list and diagnosed, I was absolutely DEVASTATED. David Wright is my favorite current baseball player (second all time favorite, only behind Mike Piazza). He is absolutely adorable, has an amazing, down to earth personality, and a strong presence on and off the field. Plus he’s pretty damn good at baseball. Put that all together and you have my dream husband.

I will also shamelessly note he has a very fine behind.

And yes, I was absolutely one of those girls who owned a “Mrs. Wright” shirt. Years ago, I even sent an invite to him through his foundation for my Sweet 16 (unfortunately, they were playing in Florida that weekend, otherwise I’m FAIRLY confident he would have attended and slow danced with me. Duh). And my family incessantly harassed me for about 2 months straight when the news broke he got married over the off-season last year. They ripped out the newspaper article with the big picture and taped it on the ceiling over my bed, and wasn’t able to get it down for months. It was torture. (For the record, Molly looks like a very nice girl and I’m happy he’s happy with her.)

He is seriously just a beautiful man, and his smile needs to be in a museum.

But enough of the objectifying. I feel so bad that the team actually has a chance this year and he’s been sidelined. For years, he has stuck around through all the sucky times, while touting that big things are happening for the Mets in the future and he wanted to be around to be a part of it. He was named captain, and just this year named one of the Mets’ Franchise Four. For a team that has had plenty of greats, that is an amazing thing. This is why he signed an eight year contract in 2013, making him a New York Met for the rest of his career.

He has to be DYING that he can’t be on the field with his team right now. Yes, the team is getting along pretty well without him but having their star back in the lineup would be an extra motivational morale booster at the very least! They must miss their captain being around all the time to step up and be there to say and do all the right things, and I know I sure as hell miss seeing him (and his smile) out there every day.

David needs to take his time and get better, he’s still got plenty of good years ahead of him, and I will say personally, I will always be here to cheer for him. He has accomplished so much and has done so much for this organization and its fans. The very least us as fans can do is to stick by him and welcome him back with open arms and Wilmer Flores sized standing ovations.

We got your back, David.

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