Vacation Ramblings: Which do you prefer, resorts or cruises?

I recently just returned from my all inclusive vacation in Cancun, Mexico. For 5 fantastic days, I sat on a bar stool in a pool and was in my happy place. I’m serious. I did not move off of that stool all week, except to go eat and sleep. I’m not really a beach person (I can’t stand how sand gets all up in everywhere). Actually I lied. Other times I left the bar stool was to play beach volleyball. That’s the only exception to my aversion to sand. It’s so much fun, and I like to relive my high school volleyball glory days. Although it also gives myself a reality check that diving around in the hot Mexican sun while maintaining a good alcohol buzz does not mix, especially when you are out of shape. I digress.

Yup, I definitely prefer this.

Anyway, it seems that many of my friends seem to be torn on the resorts vs. cruises debate. My stance is resorts, all the way. I’ve only been on one cruise, and it was a couple of years ago, so I understand my experience was different than all the improvements and options available now. But I didn’t like it.

First of all, it is so easy to get lost. If you count all the decks, they are so much bigger than resorts. Which I know some people say bigger is better, but nah, I really don’t need that much on vacation. More space = more people, and on a boat that can sink or get stuck in the middle of the ocean, I rather have less. Sorry, I’ve seen the Titanic, and I follow current events. Also I find it ironic that the ship is so big but the rooms you sleep in are a shoebox.

Nope, I’ll pass.

Also, at least when I was on the cruise, it wasn’t all-inclusive. I know now they have all-inclusive packages you can add on for cruises, but that really jumps up the price. Paying per drink was miserable. My little sister went to the game center/arcade on the boat in the kids’ club and blew like $150 in an hour (my parents weren’t pleased). I think we might have had a rock climbing wall on our ship, and that was extra money. It was like, what did we pay for? Food? There was plenty of that, but how much can you possibly eat on vacation?

My least favorite part of a cruise is how ridiculously overcrowded the pool area was. People were up at like 3am putting towels, shoes, books, and kidneys (probably) on the lounge chairs. Even if you woke up relatively early (which EARLY for me is like 9), there was no chance you’d have anywhere to sit. Quite ridiculous. And sometimes cruise ship pools are salt water. Ew.

I guess there’s some pros to cruises too, which is why the debate is a debate. It’s cool that you go to different places, not just one place. And there is a TON of activity on a humongous boat. I really enjoyed the shows at night, and the nightclub was pretty fun too. And I know food on cruises are much better than resorts, because you have like actually good cooks in the kitchens.

But I don’t know, I’m still an all-inclusive resort kinda gal. I need 2 things to have a successful vacation: a pool bar with a great, friendly bartender, and beach volleyball. And cruises have neither.

Anyone want to tack on their opinion? What is your stance?


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