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‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Recap: The Road So Far (Episodes 1 and 2)

As a big fan of The Walking Dead, I figured it didn’t hurt to check out it’s highly anticipated spinoff, which takes place during the time Rick Grimes was in a coma. Set smack in the middle of Los Angeles, Fear The Walking Dead is a cool concept and a striking difference between the rural settings and situations of its parent show. After a small amount of lagging in the Pilot, the show picks up steam at the end of the first episode and episode 2 was much better, which makes me excited and intrigued for what is to come.

My favorite thing about watching FTWD is that we, as viewers, actually know more than the characters in the show do. It’s not like TWD, where you are discovering everything the same time as the characters. Yes going into TWD you knew it was a show about the zombie apocalypse, but we might as well have been in a coma along with Rick, because just as he had no idea what the hell happened, neither did we. Now we know what it’s all about. And that makes it really fun to yell at the FTWD characters, “No you idiots, the HEAD! You have to shoot them in the HEAD!” (Ok maybe I’m the only one yelling that at my TV, but I know you all are thinking it.)

Just as I felt when I started to watch TWD, there are characters in FTWD I immediately liked and others I immediately can’t wait to be eaten or turned.

Source: AMC
Does anyone else think Nick’s horrible outfit is a nod to Walter White?

Although druggie Nick is sometimes a pain because of his withdrawal antics, I actually like him right now, since he’s the poor guy that no one believed. And there were already several times he’s saved either his own skin, or his family. So we can keep him for now. Hopefully he gets clean soon. Druggies in the apocalypse won’t bear well.

On the other hand, the school kid that was constantly raving about the apocalypse can go. Actually, I’m surprised they allowed him to survive the attack of the zombie principal. I really thought he’d be the first casualty of this show. Or I hoped anyway.

You need to go, child.

We already can see it coming that the daughter isn’t going to be able to help herself and will go check on the boyfriend, who surprise surprise, is a zombie. That won’t end well.

Ah, young love. Such a shame.

Oh another one I wouldn’t mind biting the dust. Make that two actually: the stepdad’s ex-wife and kid. What a bunch of whiners. The Spanish family who took these whackos in to ride out the storm are doing a better job holding up then they are. Sheesh. (Sorry I’m terrible at remembering characters’ names, it’s only been 2 episodes and the last one was almost 2 weeks ago).

Dude, no one tells you that people that video tragedies are usually the ones that end up dead.

All in all, pretty good bunch of characters that can keep me invested. And the action has been picking up steadily. Until next episode!


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