My 2015 Emmys Recap

I had a true “Sophie’s Choice” on Sunday. It was the Subway Series, with my beloved Mets hosting those damn Yankees at Citi Field when both are in the hunt for October, and I reallyyyy wanted to go to a game. In my 20+ years of being a Mets fan, I only attended one other time, and I got into a fender bender on the way to the game, missed the first two innings and the Mets lost. So I really wanted another go around, especially when the Mets are good this year and we have a chance to shut Yankees fans up.

^ (How I feel about a meaningful September Subway Series)

On the other hand, Sunday was the Emmys. And the Emmys are basically the Super Bowl for me. (Well actually I love the Super Bowl as well, but you know what I mean.) I actually had the most amazing opportunity last year to be at the Emmys in the red carpet bleachers, and my mother and I had the time of our lives. We were so close to all the stars, and it was so great to see them and interact with them. My mother and I also did the red carpet bleachers at the Oscars for the past two years (maybe I’ll get to writing a post about those experiences one day), but for someone who is 10x more obsessed with television than movies, the Emmys were so much better! It’s so true what they say, TV stars are so much more approachable and down to earth than movie stars. At the Emmys, everyone is goofing around and chatting on the red carpet, and they are so generous in greeting fans and even stopping to take pictures or sign autographs for them! The only movie star why stopped for the fans at the Oscars was Matthew McConaughey.

Here’s me with Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston at the 2014 Emmys. Nicest guys around.
And me with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and RJ Mitte! Basically, Emmys = great people.

Anyway, so I love the Emmys. My mother and I fill out our own ballots and have friendly bets on who will win what, who will give the boring speeches, and of course who is best and worst dressed. We dedicate the whole day to them, basically. We probably would have attended the red carpet again this year, but my cousin’s wedding was the day before, so we couldn’t make the trip. Also, live-tweeting the Emmys (and awards shows in general) has become my favorite hobby. Twitter is such a great platform to think your own opinions matter LOL. And many people have told me they look forward to my live-tweeting every year.

So I was in a bind. In the end, I made the choice. I’ve been all about the Mets this year, and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to go to a Subway Series game. I bought the EXTREMELY overpriced tickets and my friend (who is a Yankees fan, of course) and I were on our way to Citi Field. The poor Emmys were deferred to my DVR.

Turns out that was a horrible decision. The Mets got their asses kicked 11-2 in the midst of another Matt Harvey circus event. The only pros were that I finally got to try Pat LaFreida’s Filet Mignon sandwich, which every time I go to Citi Field I say I want but never get (it was DELICIOUS, btw), and I made an unnecessary splurge purchase on yet another sweatshirt from The7Line (I mean it’s adorable and comfy, but how many Mets wardrobe pieces does a girl need?). Otherwise it was a total stinkfest. I can write a novel on how horrible Yankees fans are, but that’s off topic for this post.

Me after this weekend.

Obviously I couldn’t have seen that coming, but all I could think was that if I was at home watching the game instead, I could have saved me a considerable amount of money and switched the channel to the Emmys.

So last night I finally got around to watching the awards show. I tried to delay live-tweet it, but obviously I didn’t get the response I would have gotten if I actually tweeted live. I’m actually amazed I avoided spoilers as to who won what all day, but I read that this was the least watched Emmys of all time, so I guess not as many people were talking about them. I’m assuming most of this has to do with the fact that it was on at the same time as NFL Sunday Night Football, but I’m sure there’s other reasons as well. So here begins my review (finally, I know, sorry).

I thought Andy Samberg did a good job as host. The opening was great, I saw a lot of myself in his “I’ve watched every show” character. I just wish they still did it live. It takes away the flair when they pre-taped it. Otherwise, he had some good jokes, and his personality easily smooths over any that could have been labeled as “controversial.”

I didn’t see anything from the red carpet, so I don’t have best/worst dressed lists. But from what I can see from the actual broadcast, Gina Rodriguez, who is a queen to begin with, looked absolutely amazing. Dress, makeup, hair, smile, everything. She’s just so awesome.

In terms of awards, I didn’t really have any disagreements. I was so pleasantly surprised that Game of Thrones finally took home the Best Drama award, as well as Peter Dinklage for his fantastic portrayal of Tyrion Lannister this year, and the directors for the Season 5 finale. The only award I thought should have been different was Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy. I’ve only seen a handful of episodes of Mom, but the show itself isn’t that great, and Allison Janney is funny, but I wouldn’t consider her award-worthy. Yet somehow she continues to win this award every year. Amy Poehler’s portrayal as Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation was fantastic for many years, and I felt she finally deserved to be honored for it in the show’s final season, much like how Jon Hamm finally won his award for Don Draper in Mad Men. Now, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is absolutely amazing as Selina Meyer in Veep, and I’m happy the show continues to dominate the comedy categories, but in this special case, they could have given JLD a one year break, gave it to Amy Poehler, and Julia could have gone back to being recognized for her amazing job next year.

This Emmys was very tame as well, which is maybe another reason why the ratings were so low. I only recall one F-bomb being dropped by a GOT winner, and no one had a wonky, overrun speech.

I’m really hoping I get to go back to LA for next year’s Emmys. I’m also hoping to see a lot of my favorites (namingly Gina Rodriguez and Jane The Virgin) recognized!

What’s your take on this year’s awards? Any snubs/surprises? Let’s chat!


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