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Once Upon A Time Recap: ‘The Dark Swan’

I’m going to start off this post by being completely honest.

I thought last season of Once Upon A Time was beyond weak. Season 1 through season 3, I was kept interested and loved the intertwining of all the characters and their stories. And then in season 4 they did what a lot of shows that start to run out of ideas do: they threw too much plot and too many characters into one season. Also, season 4 was basically just piggybacking on the money-sucking walking advertisement known as Frozen. They ended up doing ok with that story line, but doing it right after the release of the movie when it was still hyped made it seem overdone and boring. And the whole villains thing added in at the end was way too much, and too uninteresting (besides Malificent’s daughter, I liked that connection to Emma). Otherwise, there was no purpose to Ursula or Cruella deVil being there, and they probably would have served greater purpose down the road when it was time to develop their stories.

So it actually took me a while to finish the end of season 4. After drudging through the villains snore, I was happy that the season ended on a strong note. All of the Charming family’s problems came to a head, and for once Emma is the one who has to be saved. Regina and Robin ended up having some sort of happily ever after, even if Zelena still has a bun in the oven. Unfortunately Henry is still kicking (I’m sorry, I know it’s a Disney show and they’re not going to kill off the kid, but my god I’ve found him beyond annoying since the show’s first episode. Can’t he go away?) And my precious Hook is still alive! I was so scared they were going to kill him off and instead he’s still here, and him and Emma are in love!! (Yes I know that now he’s heartbroken given the circumstances, I’ll get to that.)

Now season 5 has arrived, and although you can’t really tell from one episode, this season is off to a decent start. Jennifer Morrison put on a good performance as Emma struggling with her darkness, and now I’m excited to see her acting chops to play The Dark One (she also has a badass new hairdo and outfit to go with it). Can Emma be saved? Will it be by Regina taking her place as the savior? Or Hook (my precious Hook) breaking her curse with his love? Will some Rando like Pinocchio come back into the scene and have some sort of cure? Or will she be strong enough to fight it off on her own? Notice how I didn’t mention Regina going through with offing Emma. She’s the main character and Once Upon A Time would never kill off Emma Swan.

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Look at those fierce shoes, that fierce leather, and that fierce white hair! And smoke monster capabilities!

I am SO excited to see Hook’s side of the relationship this year. He doted on Emma all of last year (which I was completely fine with, by the way, it was adorable), but now he really has to fight for her. Hook’s going to have to use less than honorable pirate methods to get this done, methinks. But the Power of Love is a real thing in this show and that will also play a huge factor. I mean, in the season finale, he didn’t even KNOW Emma when her and Henry were in the Enchanted Forest and he still died for them. That is LOVEEEEEEEE (OK I’ll stop now).

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Regina has always been one of my favorite characters. She’s always quick with a one-liner insult, doesn’t take shit from anyone (except her mother, but we’ll forget that), and never afraid to do or say the unpopular but necessary things. So I’m pumped to see her move into the Savior role. Hook was right, Regina definitely softened up, and that’s why there’s no way she’s going to “take care” of Emma. But I think that just highlights Regina’s character development, that in the beginning when she was evil, she always did the easy (and evil) thing, and now she’s searching for other ways that don’t have as much collateral. Regina has no doubt had the best character development on this show and I’m excited to see what’s next for her.

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This was Regina’s “I’m the good guy? What?” face from the end of season 4.

I never saw Brave so I don’t know what to compare Merida to, but she was a nice, spunky addition of a character. I have no idea what her role would be in this season besides her being some Rando in the forest in the first episode, though. And I expected King Arthur to be cuter. Meh, oh well.

Until next week!


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