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Scandal Recap: ‘Heavy is the Head’

TGIT is back!

I had a lot of questions on what was going to go down as fallout from events in last season’s finale of Scandal (see here for my recap of that episode). The show was seemingly moving into unchartered territory, mostly because it left off on a happy note, which is VERY unlike Shonda. Through four seasons, we’ve watched Fitz and Liv hide their passionate love affair, and the world seemed against them ever getting that house in Vermont. The surrounding cast were all left in scattered messes, however, so let’s see where everyone is now, shall we?

Fitz and Olivia

They are basically the same as we saw them in the finale. Nauseatingly (is that a word) in love with each other. They still are hiding it rather well, even Abby was staying oblivious, but they seem to have that “if people find out, oh well” attitude. Of course, they still disagree on political subjects, because it wouldn’t be Fitz and Olivia otherwise. Keeps the spark in the relationship, you know? But Sally Langston, as always, is on their case. And you knew she was eventually going to get proof of the tryst and publicize it. Who do you think the mole in the White House is that leaked those photos? It obviously had to be someone with access to the security footage. Maybe Cyrus, since he was kicked to the curb? I don’t think it would be Mellie, since their affair coming out will just hurt her, since she’s gone along with it for so long. Or could it be someone we don’t know about yet?


Mellie is my favorite, and I so do not approve of the way Fitz, Mr. Hypocrite, has been treating her. Excuse me sir, YOU are the one that’s openly abusing the marriage, sleeping with Olivia for quite a while now and rubbing it in Mellie’s face. Let’s also not forget Fitz shot down an entire plane full of civilians. Umm, and he’s in office because his staff cheated his way into it. So really, when Mellie indirectly gets some jurors killed, which in the scope of Scandal isn’t that big of a deal (wow, I sound like a terrible person), you should be cutting her some slack, Mr. President. She didn’t know that’s what would happen! And she was trying to protect your image and your “marriage!” So safe to say, when Fitz handed her divorce papers this episode and threatened her not to petition them, I was pissed. I can’t wait to see how Mellie fights back. No way she’s taking this lightly. Which I assume would lead her back to teaming up with Cyrus the Weasel.


What a mess this guy is. He hasn’t moved off Olivia’s wine-stained couch since the finale. Why has no one had this guy committed? Olivia is right, she can’t fix him, and now he went to Jake (yay Jake is back!). How will Jake fix him? He lost Quinn, the only person who could tolerate/handle him. So I’m very interested to see how he’s going to come back from this and reunite with his family.

Surprised there was no Cyrus this episode, I guess we’ll check in with him next episode. And very happy they followed my recommendation (so far) about leaving Papa Pope out of the story. Enough of him.

As far as this week’s plot went, I was a little miffed. I guess it’s because I have a soft spot for the royals. But I didn’t like how they basically reiterated Princess Diana’s tragedy for a plot point. Whatever, I’m sure there were plenty of episodes that I liked that pissed off other people (that’s where the phrase “to each their own” comes from.


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