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Scandal Recap: ‘Yes’

Olivia Pope just “Olivia Pope-d” us all.

Listen, I understand why so many men want Olivia Pope. She’s pretty awesome. But gurl, you got a lotta issues you have to sort out. And I guess that’s what this episode was for her. She had us (and Fitz, and Abby) doing whiplash all episode. Let’s dive in, shall we?

But first…

Ok. Now we’re ready.

So my thoughts after the bomb dropped at the end of the premiere last week was that I seriously doubt it was Mellie that leaked that footage, and by association I doubted it was Cyrus either. 1) It would hurt Senator Mellie’s image, and 2) it would do the both of them NO favors to get back into Fitz’s good graces. So my two prime suspects were A) Fitz himself, or B) Elizabeth North. And guess who guessed correctly?! (Me).

It would have actually made sense for Fitz to be the one who leaked the footage. He has been saying for months that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks, he loves Olivia and he wants the whole world to know it. Listen, that’s a nice, rosy concept, but Olivia Pope knows better than you, Fitz, and she knows that is a TERRIBLE idea. As Ms. Vice President said to Fitz, you would be virtually slapping all of the people who voted and supported you in the face. But as Cyrus always says, Fitz is a child, so he could have been the one to go along and do it anyway, so Olivia was forced into the situation of coming clean with him about their affair and then Mellie would have officially been shut out of the White House.

But it was Elizabeth!

Makes sense. Every other woman in the White House (and most of the men) constantly feel threatened by the power that is Olivia Pope, so everyone’s always trying to knock the girl down a peg.

Hmmmm…. hypocrite?!

I feel like Elizabeth North causes so many scandals, and people always find out it was her, but somehow she is still the President of the United States of America’s Chief of Staff. Oh ok. I guess she is just really good at being someone else’s bitch.

Anyway, so in Olivia Pope fashion, she runs off. Fitz for some reason is flabbergasted by this. Do you not know this woman? Also, it has now been SEVERAL times a news story broke that Fitzgerald Grant was having an affair, TWICE with Olivia Pope being named as the mistress. As an American I can say yes we are not the smartest when it comes to media stories and coverups, but we are not THAT stupid. If Olivia was named as a mistress once and dismissed, ok. But twice? Now we know it’s true. So even if they did deny it again, everyone knows what’s up.

Mellie, as usual, got what she wanted in this episode. It was so cute in the premiere last week that Fitz actually thought he had the upper hand on her. Once again, Fitz is a child, and everyone knows it but him. Mellie played her cards just right, and she got her apology and her re-entry back into the White House. (Of course until Olivia threw everyone off at the end. Come on, Liv.)

Abby even stepped up her game this episode, mostly thanks to Cyrus. I was kind of getting sick of having to see her in the press room every episode dodging questions, it felt like that’s literally all she did. But she took a stand and “was the adult,” as Cyrus said. But then Olivia once again messed that up by proving Abby wrong.

My man Jake made his return appearance (praise) and he is still just smoking. Yes, he’s a seriously scary dude, but I still find him much more of catch than Fitz. And he’s ALWAYS there for Liv (not just because he stalks her for hire, but because HE CARES). I have mad respect for him that he knows he will always be the second choice, but he’s always there when she needs a good spooning sesh.

Olivia is such a pimp though.

I don’t even want to talk about Huckleberry Quinn, because I’m still so creeped out by their licking when they first hooked up that I’ve mentally blocked out their relationship ever since. They really do deserve each other.

How will America handle Olivia’s “Yes?” How will we handle another 6 days before we find out? Scandal is back to what it does best: making great television, not political statements. Amen to that.


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