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The Flash Recap: ‘The Man Who Saved Central City’

I am SO HAPPY The Flash is back!!!!!!!

It was easily one of the best shows last year, and the season 2 premiere jumped right back into its groove like it never went on hiatus.

“The Man Who Saved Central City” picks up six weeks after the Singularity, AKA the big thing that was going to suck Central City up because of Barry breaking the time/parallel universe continuum. The opening to the episode was a bit confusing. Captain Cold and Heatwave were at it again, fighting with Barry like old times, and just as Barry was in hot water, Ronnie/Firestorm swooped in and helped a brother out. It was great teamwork! I was happy to see everyone was working together. After the victory, they reunite with the team at Star Labs, where everyone is happy and accounted for. Cisco, Caitlin, Professor Stein, Joe, Iris, and… wait, Harrison Wells?!! Andddddd start my confusion. That didn’t take long!

Turns out, this was all one of Barry’s wishful dreams. What was really happening was that Barry was going through a quite depressed last six weeks, and through this isolated himself from his team, friends, and family. I really like how they started the episode like this. Usually, The Flash is a light-toned show, but every show needs balance, and I mean, it’s not like Barry has had an easy life. Also, since he is a superhero, he goes through the self-blame process and carries the weight on his shoulders that all of them tend to do.

Sad Barry is sad.

I was impressed with how well the episode was laid out. Started with that darker tone, without telling the audience why. We were left to think Barry defeated Reverse Flash and saved Central City! And although Eddie sadly perished, that was considered a win! Why is everyone sad? And little by little, we find out why.

A flashback reveals that Ronnie sacrificed himself while stopping the Singularity, which I was NOT cool with. How many times does this poor dude have to die! Now, with all of the parallel universes and what not being introduced this season, I don’t expect that we have seen the last of Robbie Amell. But I was still bummed none the less. Because poor Caitlin! She blames herself for not leaving Central City with Ronnie before the mess when he asked her to, and Barry blames himself of course because the whole thing was because of him. That explained where Caitlin was, she left to go work at Mercury Labs, and like Barry, distanced herself from her friends and the team.

Cisco and Joe are now basically partners, which I could not be more excited about. Their scenes together last season were some of my absolute favorite (only second to Barry and Joe’s), they have great comedic chemistry. Similarly, Cisco and Stein have some great moments as well, especially when Stein coins the Metahuman of the Week “Atom-Smasher,” and Cisco is overwhelmed with pride at how good that name is. Cisco is still having his Vibe visions, and he still hasn’t told this to anyone. I expect that to come to a head sometime early in this season. The dude’s spacing out, he can’t hide that forever.


Iris seemed… well-adjusted only six weeks after her fiance-to-be killed himself to keep a psycho descendant from the future from ruining their lives. I feel this was the writer’s way of avoiding a depressed Iris West storyline ala Laurel Lance season 2 of Arrow, so I’m not that upset that is how they portrayed her. Right now, she needed to be that best friend for Barry, and I’m happy she’s taking a more proactive role on Team Flash.

Grant Gustin blows me away more and more with each passing episode. He is such a talented dude. I found myself in awe this episode on how he portray’s Barry’s emotions. It also helps he’s quite an adorable human being, so he’s very likable as well. When he smiles, you can’t help but smile because he’s so darn cute. And he is so amazing in the more emotional scenes. Whether it be anger while watching Wells/Thawne’s video message, or sadness and desperation talking with Joe, you feel everything Barry feels. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t shed a lot of tears at two moments in the episode — Barry and Joe’s talk when he was recovering from his pathetic, lonely attempt to defeat the Atom-Smasher, with an extra-emotional flashback to when Joe first took a young Barry into his home. And then when Henry told his son that after being released from prison after 14 years, he was immediately leaving. Barry Allen has showed maturity over the first season, but moments like this remind you that he is still so young, and he needs his close-knit friends and family more than ever.


With Jay Garrick’s introduction at the close of the episode, I am excited to see how this show will handle its many parallel universes. Also, his entrance into Star Labs brought on one of the best lines from Cisco: “For real?!” Perfect delivery.

Cisco has “For real?!” displayed right on his face.

I’m also interested to see who this “Zoom” character is (I know he’s from the comics, I don’t read those, shush!)

So so so sooooo happy The Flash is back, I really love recapping these episodes! Until next week!


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