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Why I’m Sadly Not Sold on ‘Supergirl’

Wow. I feel a bear coming out of hibernation. Or a person coming out of a coma. Whatever, the point is it has been QUITE a while since I posted. Baseball completely consumed my life for the past two months especially, and although it didn’t end the way I wanted, my god was it a ride.

ANYWAY, I’m not ready to rehash my feelings about THAT. My point is, I’m sorry my TV recaps have been MIA!

This post is one I’ve been meaning to write up for the last couple of days. The topic? My gripes on Supergirl, a show that I have been highly anticipating since I heard of its conception.

Why was I so excited? Well, because I absolutely love Arrow and The Flash. So, giving SG a try was a no-brainer, since it was another DC superhero show with the same creators, writers, and executive producers. Unfortunately, after two episodes that I didn’t enjoy while the rest of the world seemed to, I think it’s time to pull the plug before I waste anymore time on it.

I might be regretting those words. Maybe in a couple of episodes it will gain momentum and turn into the show I believed it could be. But as of this moment, I see it as a weak show riding on the success of its sister shows and girl power.

So going into the pilot episode, I was pretty excited. Instead, what I encountered was a super corny show. I get that everyone (including me) loves the lightness of The Flash, but trying to copy it is not going to work, because you don’t have Grant Gustin as your lead, and Carlos Valdes and Jesse R. Martin as your killer supporting cast. That’s not me saying that Melissa Benoist doesn’t do a great job portraying Kara Danvers. She’s actually the one part of the show I really liked. She’s a pretty, talented actress who I definitely do see as a mix between Barry Allen and Felicity Smoak. But once again, that’s what I mean. I find myself comparing this show to its predecessors too easily, and not in a great way.

Another thing to add to the corniness? The special effects. Clearly, the studio spends all of their SFX money on The Flash, because that flying looks mehhhhhh. Maybe they can just never make flying look cool on TV.

Source: CBS
I mean, I think my sister could have done a better Photoshop job here.

Another problem I have with this show is really more of a problem I have with the Superman mythology in general. In no way, shape or form will anyone NOT recognize a superhero just because they wear glasses,and in this case, take their hair down. Look, every superhero show has really bad excuses. But at least Barry Allen, Oliver Queen, and even Bruce Wayne wear masks, or hoods, or SOMETHING to conceal their faces. I get this is a gripe that the geek community has had with Superman for years, but I for one will never be able to move past it.

“Won’t my boss recognize me?” “She doesn’t see you now, she won’t see you when you are Supergirl.” ON WHAT PLANET DOES THIS MAKE SENSE BECAUSE EVEN KRYPTONIANS ARE SHAKING THEIR HEADS AT THAT EXCUSE.

Jimmy (oh, I’m sorry, James) Olsen is another bright spot I found in this show. The guy is so cool and confident. I know comic book fanatics get really upset when they change characters’ races, personalities, etc., but I think this one was for the better. How many bumbling, shy idiots can they have in one show?

After two episodes, I haven’t found myself interested in any of the show’s villains. I understand they are setting up a larger plot with Kara’s evil aunt, but the Villains of the Week so far were very generic (“Haha you’re just a girl! You think you can beat me?!”) and pretty boring. The plot line with her sister also provides no intrigue. Every superhero show has a secret task force, and this one is no different. Plus, her sister kind of just comes off as a jealous bitch (sorry Lexie Grey), rather than a complicated relationship.

The only reason I have a very small amount of desire to keep watching is 1) to see if Benoist’s acting can carry the show a little further, and 2) because the evil aunt story line has promise if they do it right. Actually, a third reason would be because it is inevitable that Supergirl will crossover with Flarrow, and so I’m going to have to be at least a little bit knowledgeable about this side of the story when the time comes.

It really does surprise me that I didn’t enjoy this show more. For all intents and purposes, Supergirl should be right up my alley, I am definitely the target audience for this show. And a lot of the TV critics and reporters that I look to for their critical opinions like the show, and I usually have the same tastes in shows as them.

The good news about this is that if Supergirl starts to make a lot of noise with rants and raves, there is now such thing as a binge-watch.

I would love to hear what readers think of the show. Am I missing something? Or do you agree?


2 thoughts on “Why I’m Sadly Not Sold on ‘Supergirl’

  1. I tried this as well since I like The Flash and Arrow and this was really a whole new level of corniness. I don’t know… it just wasn’t for me I guess. I already have trouble keeping up with the shows I watch, so I didn’t keep watching this. Benoist was great though in the pilot. I will give it that. Good write-up.


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