Scandal Recap: ‘Even The Devil Deserves A Second Chance’

Wow, getting my review for last week’s Scandal right under the wire here.

This review is going to be more of a rant, I guess. But don’t worry, I’ll throw plenty of positives in here as well.

Main topic of my rant: Why on Earth are they turning Olivia Pope into such a bitch? Liv was always a character I looked to as a righteous badass. When she stood up for things or was forceful, it was the right thing to do. But lately, she’s being doing things for her own interests, and other people get hurt in the process. Doing things like lying to Fitz about her father, or releasing him in the first place!

And then she puts her two cents into everything. As much as I can’t stand Cyrus, he kind of has a good reason to be annoyed of her constant presence and her influence over Fitz. Cyrus realized he’s not really the Chief of Staff anymore, she is. Walking around the oval office like she owns the place (which she kind of does). I mean that scene at the end was pretty cool, not going to lie, but whoa girl, slow down. Proving Sally Langston right.

Out of nowhere, Jake says what I am thinking The guy is a godsend.

Source: ABC
Yeah, that’s right Liv. Your White Hat is DUMB.

Jake finally got his balls back! Last week he shut the door in her face, and this week he told her like it is. You can’t have everything Liv. He literally just told her off, she got mad and told her to leave, and then he proves his point by kissing her, and she lets him.

Side note – I loved Jake’s “woman I used to love” line. Felt very familiar to Felicity’s speech in Arrow.

Ok enough of Liv’s power trip. Let’s talk about Papa Pope. I knew Fitz would turn to Jake to find him and take care of him. Not sure why Olivia got so upset they want to kill him. He served his purpose for her to get her out of the testimony, so now she should want him dead too.

I’ve complained about this in my recaps before, but Papa Pope really needs to be done with here. I hope when they go after him this time, the death sticks. It makes the show stay in the same pattern over and over again. I mean this season is 7 episodes in, and there is no definitive arc yet, it’s just rehashing last season’s Papa Pope drama.

Source: ABC
Actually I would love to see what the world is like without you, but you never go away.

 “BOOOO” Moments Of The Week:

  • Liz?!!! Really David??? I so disapprove of this. It’s too weird! Listen, I’m all for David getting some, but not with her!
  • On the same note, poor Susan Ross. Her and her wine coolers had to sit outside while David defiled himself 😦
Source: ABC
I mean, come on. Who doesn’t love a good strawberry spritzer?
  • Why did they have to make Mr. Matthews from Boy Meets World a rapist? BOOOO!
  • No Mellie this episode. WTF.

And with 15 minutes before the new episode, I posted! Phew.


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