Arrow Recap: ‘Haunted’

As someone who didn’t watch¬†Constantine,¬†I honestly didn’t know what to expect going into last week’s episode of Arrow. Luckily, I was right to assume that John visiting Star City didn’t take up the whole episode, and actually benefited the plot in an organic way. Let’s dive in, shall we?Read More »

Source: FOX

My Favorite Kind of Binge-Watch

There’s nothing like speeding through a new show you are obsessed with. It doesn’t have to be “new,” per se, but new to you. You know what I mean. I’m currently doing that with Parks and Recreation, and it will be so bittersweet when I finally finish it in about a week (with work and the lack of sleep, I haven’t been at my top binge-watching speed rate).

But my favorite kind of binge-watch is watching almost the entire favorite seasons of my favorite shows. This is one of the reasons Netflix is so fantastic. Sure, there are plenty of shows new to me that I could start in the time I have to watch, but there’s something about reliving the season that truly solidified your obsession or love for a show.Read More »