I’m going to have a TV-Sports-Work-Life Balance Issue Soon.

As fellow TV addicts know, the Fall TV season is quickly approaching. I’M SO EXCITED!Read More »


I Need David Wright Back in My Life

So in this (so far) successful season for the New York Mets, their star captain David Wright has only played in eight games. He was diagnosed with spinal stenosis back in May, and since then has been shut down and slowly rehabbing to make it back on the field.Read More »

Source: MLB

The Exception to Trusting Tom Hanks: There is PLENTY of Crying in Baseball

Did you know that Tom Hanks topped Forbes’ list of “The 100 Most Trusted People in America?”

As someone who played softball for 18 out of the 23 years of her life, it of course is a give-in that A League of Their Own is in my top favorite movies. But even as a young girl, I’ve always had an issue with that famous line, “There’s no crying in baseball.” I know Tom Hanks was playing a character when he said that, and that’s not really his personal opinion. But YOU WERE WRONG TOM HANKS.Read More »